Decorating with Denim

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Since National Denim Day is over, hopefully you were sporting your comfy blues (or any other color for that matter), and helping to support breast cancer research as well.

But, don’t stop with just wearing denim–decorate with this perennial favorite as well. What can you do with it? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Make an organizer using pockets from old jeans.
  • Pair it with some bandannas for a western decor.
  • Fashion some fabulous pillows, and incorporate jean pockets (or newly sewn pockets) into the design.
  • Create a quilt using various colors of blue denim for block interest.
  • Let it fray. Denim frays and fringes wonderfully, so it requires only a few snips for a no-sew edge finish.
  • Use denim alone or mix it with other sturdy fabrics for a picnic throw, a lap blanket or even a slipcover.
  • Consider making curtains and valances of this blues basic. A simple tab-top curtain or valance can be dressed up with overall buckles, leather tabs or conchos as accents. For more information on making an easy tabbed valance, check out the Tab Top Curtains Guideline.

Don’t forget the holidays–denim (either new or recycled) makes a great holiday stocking like this one created by designer Donna Babylon at

Hmmm…perhaps we should make up a National Decorating with Denim Day and see what we can come up with!