National Sewing Month Reuse, Remake, Restyle Contest Winners

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The entries we received for the Reuse, Remake, Restyle contest for National Sewing Month were just amazing. Reviewing the photos and reading the stories felt like watching our very own version of Project Runway. The talent, the creativity, the IDEAS! We’ve created an online gallery of all the submissions, along with the descriptions submitted with the projects — I know you’ll find as much awe and inspiration in these photos as I did.

The following designers made the top of our list.  Our thanks and congratulations to each and every designer who took a chance and created a masterpiece out of “nothing.” It’s the sign of true creativity!


Katie Buhler – redesigned onesies
Bobbie Horwitz – plastic bag raincoat
Gail Yellen – collage memory jacket

Honorable mentions:

Jillene Brown – pillowcase sundress
Vivien Garrigues – coffee container evening bags
Deirdre A Duggan – t-shirt corset

Janice Blasko, Sewing & Craft Alliance