Summer Sewing

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I don’t know about you, but summer is always a great time for me to sew. One reason is that I get up earlier when sunshine streams in the window to wake me. Since I work from my home, I don’t usually set an alarm unless I have to be someplace, but rather simply let myself wake up naturally. Or more truly, when my three dogs wake me, but they seem to sleep longer in the winter just like I do. Perhaps it’s that bear hibernation thing.

Since I get up and going early in the summer, I always surprise myself when I check the clock and it’s earlier than I think based on the “necessary” things I got done already (like loading the dishwasher, sweeping, vacuuming, etc.)–you know those chores. BUT, then I reward myself with sewing time, and that seems to go fast.

Some days I don’t do any necessary things, I just start with sewing! In fact most days it’s like that–I don’t like chores, but occasionally they become necessary, like when someone might be coming to visit and I’d be embarrassed otherwise. Around our house we call this “crisis cleaning.” I do the same for the sewing room if a fellow sewer is coming over. Perhaps you do the same.

I always have a stack of sewing projects waiting, some to be finished, other to be started, so I choose my pleasure for the day and enjoy the great weather while it’s around. Summer is simply a great time to sew–but of course, so is winter, fall and spring–it’s not a seasonal hobby, but one we love all year.