What are Microfiber Fabrics?

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I hear the term “microfiber” all the time, but I’m not sure what it means. Can you explain?

The term microfiber simply means a very fine fiber. In current sewing use it refers to a thin man-made fiber such as polyester, nylon, acetate or sometimes rayon. The fibers can be made into woven or knitted fabrics that are strong and durable, but sometimes a challenge to sew and press.

For woven microfiber fabrics, sew them holding the seamline in front and back of the needle as you stitch to avoid puckering. Or the seams can also be serged. To hold seams flat, they’re often topstitched after pressing (see Guideline 12.225 Topstitching) for more information.

Microfiber fabrics are very soft and drapable, so are popular for dresses and loose fitting tops or pants