Duplicating Your Favorite Garment

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Do you have a favorite dress, top or other garment that is so comfortable and looks so good on you that you wish you had 3 more of them? In my closet, there are a few garments that have a certain style or detail that I just love.. and I suspect that one of those will be the unusual top with the shark-bite hem that I found recently.

Many of us have a favorite garment that we wish we had at least one more of.  If you’d like to duplicate a look from your favorite garment, the booklet “Copy It!” by Mary McCarthy will show you how to do just that, without taking the original garment apart. The book describes in detail how to copy a shirt and a pair of pants, using the garment itself as a guide. It also describes how to copy details such as darts, pleats, pockets and collars from any type of garment, even knits. The booklet is $14 and includes s&h within the U.S.  Email Mary at mmsewing@bellsouth.net for more information.