Sewing Questions and Answers

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I’ve received several sewing questions, and many really can’t be answered in a blog format, as they require a full how-to story with diagrams or photos and detailed instructions. However, below are answers to some easier ones:

Does a rag doll have hair all around its head or just in front? The answer to this one depends upon the doll. Some have full heads of hair like Raggedy Ann, but others have just a fringe of hair around their faces. Some have hair pulled into braids. If a doll is wearing a hat, like Raggedy Andy, place the hair only outside the hat area. As with people, hair styling depends on the look you like!

Can I sew upholstery on my regular sewing machine? Many machines can handle upholstery-weight fabrics using a large needle and heavy thread. If there’s a way to slow the machine speed, that can be helpful as well. A walking foot helps keep layers from shifting. If you sew upholstery on a regular basis, I’d suggest an industrial machine with a heavier motor than a conventional home machine.

How can I buy fabric wholesale? Depending on the quantity of fabric you need and whether or not you have a business license and resale number, a distributor may be able to help you. Some sell half-bolts, which are about 12 yards of fabric, while others require full-bolt purchases. Check with a fabric distributor for their buying policies (check your Yellow Pages or an online search engine for “fabric distributors” to find one near you). If you simply sew for yourself, buying fabric in quantities like this probably isn’t the answer–simply watch for sales and coupons to your local retailer. Some retailers will offer a discount if you buy an entire bolt of fabric.

Where can I find patterns for teddy bear clothes? Check the craft tabs in your favorite pattern books. Most companies that offer stuffed animal patterns also offer clothing patterns too. Sometimes doll clothes patterns will also fit stuffed animals. An online search turns up several independent companies with teddy bear clothes patterns.

More answers in upcoming blog entries….