Sewing with Sequined Fabric

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I’d like to sew a dress from sequined fabric, but have no idea to work with it. Can you help?

Real sequined fabric has the small paillettes sewn onto a base cloth, either by hand or by machine. When you cut out the fabric, use an old pair of sharp scissors to be able to cut through the metallic disks. Transfer markings with chalk to the wrong side of the base fabric and remove the pattern pieces.

Before sewing seams, carefully remove the sequins up to the seamlines and any darts and save them.  Also, remove sequins in the hem area to avoid having them snag hosiery.  Pin seams within the seamline only to avoid damaging the sequins, then sew the seam as you would for any other fabric.

It’s best to finger-press seam allowances open, as the heat of the iron can melt some sequins. Before you use an iron, test-press on scraps and use a press cloth.

Reattach the loose sequins over the stitched seamlines for a continuous look.

At neckline and armhole openings, use bias binding in a coordinating fabric to finish, or cut facings from the coordinate.