Zipper Heart Project from Ghee’s

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Our thanks to Linda McGehee from Ghee’s for being a National Sewing Month sponsor! Linda is a master of handbag design and construction and fabric manipulation. She has been on the forefront of the latest artistic zipper creations craze. In keeping with our Sew for the LOVE of it theme, Linda is sharing instructions on how to create a heart out of zippers. Try adding it to the shoulder of a garment, stitching it to a wall hanging, or on a handbag!

Zipper Heart

  1. Stitch a basting thread (by hand or machine) along each side of the zipper tape.
  2. Unzip the zipper and gather the basting thread to form the shape of the heart.
  3. Apply to project with permanent stitching.
  4. Tuck under unfinished edges of zipper at top and bottom.
  5. Depending upon the pull style on the slider, it may be necessary to gently remove pull with pliers, flip the pull, and gently press the hook closed on the pull. To avoid scratching the pull, place lightweight fabric scrap on pull for protection before closing hook with pliers.

The Rhinestone zipper used on this project can be found on the Ghee’s website.