Flannel vs. Batting for Sewing Quilted Garments

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I want to make a quilted jacket, but am concerned about the bulk of using batting between the outer and lining layers. Is there another option to keep me from looking like a teddy bear?

Many art quilt garments use ordinary cotton flannel between the inner and outer layers of cloth. It provides stability for piecing and a light warmth, but without the bulk of a thicker batting.

For best results, pre-shrink the flannel before using it. If you don’t, it can shrink considerably, causing distortion in the garment and making it too tight as well.

Some sewers buy flannel by the bolt to have on hand for pieced garments and also to use as an interlining in coats and tailored garments, as well as lightweight quilts. If you choose to do this, watch for coupons and sales and purchase a bolt of white and/or black for multiple uses.