Libby Scripps-Guest Blogger

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Libby Scripps-Guest Blogger
Written By: Libby Scripps



Well, I’ve never been a domestic goddess, but sewing was something that came natural to me.  I remember making my first shirt when I was fourteen.  Before that I was into making those knot and hemp bracelets for all my friends.  Then A-line skirts, made out of old clothes heading out the door to Goodwill.  I always was amused with patterns and material, which landed me into running my own clothing company.

I’m not the best sewer, but my love affair for fine garments continues to be an obsession.  Fine fabrics, threads, and trims, bring a thrill to my day to day.  One of my prize pieces is a chunky sweater I knitted, took me a whole year.  When I put this sweater on, it makes me appreciate so many things, I took for grant.  Its easy to go to a store and buy a garment, but sewing your own piece brings joy and pride to oneself.

In observance of SEW month, I encourage you to create, sew, learn; the awesome technique.  “For one day you’ll leave home and a button will fall off your favorite jacket and your mother won’t be around to sew it on, and you’ll need to sew that baby one.”  So learn and be a self sufficient young creative free spirit!

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