March was a Busy Month for Sewers

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As March comes to a close,  I hope you were active in promoting some of the month’s “causes”. March is National Craft Month, and since most of us consider sewing to be a craft in the broad sense of the word, we’re all active ambassadors for our “craft.”

March also brought us National Quilting Day on March 21. I know many of you participated in this special day by helping to sew quilts and blankets for charitable causes like Project Linus or other special organizations, either local or national. I actually enrolled in a quilting class with a friend who doesn’t quilt–until now. It’s an ongoing 12-month event that meets once a month and we have to have our block done to get materials for the next one, so there’s some incentive (besides peer pressure!).

March also brought us the 50th anniversary of Barbie. I’m old enough to remember when she arrived at stores in my hometown and I was able to spend my saved money to get one of the very first ones. And, of course, that led to the many years of sewing Barbie clothes. At one point when I was in high school, I spent the summer sewing LOTS of clothes for her and sold them at a local store. It was fun to try out my designs, use up some scraps and make money on the side, as I was too young to get a “real” job.

As you look forward to April, check your community’s calendar for new sewing/quilting related events. There’s sure to be some to tempt you!