National Geography Week silliness

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November 16-22 is National Geography Week, and in noting that I became curious about how many towns there might be with sewing-related names. (OK, you may think I have too much time on my hands, but curiosity is in my genes from childhood.)

So, I started doing a bit of research online at Map Planet. I put in some sewing terms and discovered several fun things. There are 38 locations around the world with the word needle in them, including our favorite Needles, California. How fun would it be to live on Stitches Ridge in St. Helena? Or near Scissor Creek in Australia or the NW Territories of Canada?

Not far from my home in the Portland, Oregon area is a town called Zigzag. It’s a beautiful little burb near the base of Mt. Hood, and is always abloom with rhododendrons and azaelas in the spring.

There are also lots of towns with the word rip, pattern and fabric in them as well. Most people can’t really choose the name of their own street, but wouldn’t it just be fun as a sewer to live on a Thread Lane in Zigzag? It’s almost like a fairy tale.