National Sewing Month

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As you’re harvesting veggies from your garden and perhaps still stitching some warm weather wardrobe components, think ahead a bit to the month of September. Every September is National Sewing Month, and this year’s theme is “Reuse, Remake, Restyle.”

A topic very apropos to today’s economy, this theme opens up the option for many types of events you can either organize or become involved with in your area. National Sewing Month is co-sponsored by the American Sewing Guild and the Sewing & Craft Alliance and if you belong to a local Guild chapter, it may have some special events already in the works. All chapters need volunteers, so contact your Guild board members to see if you can help.

If you’re not a Guild member (why not?), organize something yourself with a local group–perhaps a school, church group, homeless shelter, thrift store, prison, etc. and help pass on your love of sewing to others. Teens are especially excited about repurposing and personalizing clothing, bags and other accessories.

So, while you’re relaxing in the backyard hammock, think of things you can do to celebrate National Sewing Month, and find some friends to help.