Pre-shrinking Fusible, Non-Fusible and Sew-in Interfacing

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Do I need to pre-shrink interfacing before I use it? If so, what’s the best method?

It is a good idea to pre-shrink interfacings, and other garment components, before using them to avoid potential disaster later. It’s ugly if some portions of a finished garment shrink during laundering and others don’t.

To pre-shrink washable sew-in interfacings (non-fusible type), simply launder them in the washer and tumble dry. You can also line-dry them, if you prefer.

To pre-shrink washable fusibles, loosely fold the length and soak in a basin of hot water until the water cools off. Then roll the interfacing in a towel to remove the excess moisture and hang to dry.

To handle dry-clean-only interfacings (non-fusibles) used in tailoring projects, simply steam them or use a damp press cloth with a dry iron to press.

When you label interfacings in your stash, note whether or not they’ve been pre-shrunk so there’s no doubt when you’re ready to use them.

SEW-lutions tip: For more information on interfacings, see Guideline 5.110 – Interfacing 101