Quilts for Office Decorating

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No matter where you work, chances are you have the opportunity to at least decorate your personal space. I work from home and my office space spills directly into the sewing room, so it’s essentially one big L-shaped room. I have one faux finished orange wall above my desk and I use it as an accent wall to other white ones.

Recently I received a new book titled Quilts in my Cubicle, by Barbara Holtzman. It offers patterns for quilts themed throughout the year. None are bigger than about 13″ square, so they’re perfect for an office environment where space might be limited or there are policies about personal decorating. I think it’s a great way to be tasteful without taking up much room, and the minis would also be ideal for gifting to a co-worker. It adds a bit of cheer to a cubicle, and says “I sew.” It also gives you the opportunity to try out some new sewing skills, as they’re a variety of techniques used during the various months’ offerings. Just a bit of cheer each month!

For even more fun, get your co-workers together for a little quilting bee of sorts and help everyone make quilts for their spaces. It’s fun to see what fabrics everyone chooses to create the same pattern, and how very different they all look when they’re done.