Rotary Cutters or Scissors for Cutting?

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I’m new to sewing and wondered about using a rotary cutter instead of scissors for cutting. Any advice?

Rotary cutters come in several sizes, from 18mm to 45mm blades, and are perfect for cutting long, straight cuts. Quilters love them for their speed and accuracy. Because of the sharp blade, a rotary cutter must be used with a protective mat underneath the area being cut. When using them for cutting long straight edges, they’re best paired with a ruler which serves as an edge guide.

Some garment sewers use rotary cutters for cutting out their patterns, but their nature can make them a little tricky to use around tight curves. If you’re cutting tight armholes and neckline curves, use a smaller size blade; reserve the larger blades for longer, straighter sections like skirt side seams and hemlines.

Whether you use scissors or a rotary cutter is really a matter of preference and what works for you. Try both methods, then decide.

In addition to the straight blade, rotary cutting blades come in pinking, scalloped and other novelty edges, perfect for finishing fleece and other non-woven fabrics.

SEW-lutions Tip: For more information on rotary cutters and scissors, see SEW-lutions Guidelines #1.130 Scissors and Shears and #1.133 Rotary Cutters