Sewers are Miracle Workers

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Those who don’t sew always think that sewers are miracle workers and can fix anything or make absolutely anything. Perhaps you feel that way too! I’ve been called upon to make some pretty innovative things in my sewing career. One of the oddest was a set of speaker bags for a bicycle that belonged to my boss. He wanted to carry a sound system with him on a cross-state ride. It was great fun to figure it out and have the tunes project behind him to mtoivate and inspire other peddlers.

My husband is a bicycle rider as well, and recently decided he needed some jerseys that didn’t look like everyone else’s off the rack. So, he (alone) ventured to a local Portland resource for activewear fabrics called RCT Fabrics, and came home with a bag of Lycra knits, a pattern and all the fixings needed. My dear friend Annette who works there made sure he had it all for three separate “artistic” outfits. Did I help out? You bet…serging up a jersey doesn’t take long and his stories about them spread throughout the biking group.

Another very fun thing I made several years ago (can you say the 60’s?) was a conversion kit for a VW bus. I helped outfit the love machine for camping on the road–complete with curtains, comforter, pillowcases and fur decorator pillows. The owner was quite pleased, and it was a lot of fun. He returned next season asking me to help make a tent to extend the van’s area for family camping…another success. Wish I’d taken pictures of that one!

So, as sewers, we rise to challenges and we’re inventive enough to figure things out, no matter what it takes. It’s part of our nature.

Send me a note and let me know the weirdest thing you’ve sewn, and I’ll summarize them in an upcoming entry. Just click on the “Ask Linda a question” link to the right.