Sewing White and Light-color Fabrics

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As summer approaches, we often stow away the wools and heavier fabrics in favor of light and airier versions to keep us cool. Along with that transition comes a color shift as well–to lighter colors than perhaps we had in winter. Some light-color fabrics pose sewing challenges.

Not only is it important to have a spotless sewing room when working with light-color fabrics to avoid getting them dirty, but it’s also time to clean the machine and the iron soleplate as well. And perhaps replace the ironing board cover if it has smears of fusible or any discoloration.

On thin light color fabrics, it’s worth thinking about lining or underlining the garment to keep the inner structure from showing through. Think seriously before choosing a fusible interfacing with adhesive that might be clearly seen at the blouse front, and opt instead for a nude color lightweight fabric to stabilize the area, or a piece of self fabric. Also consider making the front of the garment a double layer of fabric to give it more opacity.

Think twice about the notions you use as well…who wants to see silver snaps shining through a white gauze top? Opt instead for clear nylon snaps that won’t catch the eye of admirers.