Craft & Hobby Show update

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I just came back from sunny Anaheim (we have snow) where the Craft & Hobby show takes place each January. Store buyers attend and shop for new products for their stores, so as a writer I’m also looking for new things. Most of the new products aren’t even on sale yet, so it’s fun to see them ahead of time.

What’s hot? Pendants and jewelry making was a big trend. Several companies offer metal frames you can fill with fabric, paper or other artwork, then cover with a resin or glass. It’s a great way to keep mementos as well.

A bias tape maker will soon be available that not only folds the bias for you, but presses the folds into place in one operation. You can make 25 feet of bias in less than a minute! A companion machine can cut the strips for you with the push of a foot pedal.

Many companies are increasing their lines of “green” products, and common themes are reuse, repurpose, restyle, reminding us to take advantage of what we have.

I saw Vanna White (and her daughter) narrating a Lion Brand Yarn fashion show, and I attended the first anniversary party for I also met the new editor of Threads magazine, Deana Tierney. So we can look for some exciting things happening from Taunton Press.

I’ll be writing more about new products as they’re released, so watch for updates, and have fun with whatever sewing and crafting activities you do. Step outside the box and try something new as well!