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Cindy Meinen

Hi, I’m Cindy from Siestas & Sewing.  Sewing children’s clothing is my passion and with 4 victims kids to dress, I’m kept pretty busy!  I’ve been celebrating National Sewing Month this year by getting a start on my kids’ fall/winter clothes.  Today, I’m going to share an outfit that I sewed for my little girls from Ottobre Design.

If you haven’t heard of Ottobre Design before, it is a sewing magazine “specializing in children’s and youth fashion.  Each issue includes more than forty trendy designs and complete patterns and instruction for sewing.  The magazine is designed in Finland.  Subscriptions all over the world!”  I like that each issue has something for each of my kids…from the 5 year old to the 13 year old and that the designs are current styles and comparable to ready-to-wear.  They also publish a women’s pattern magazine twice a year.

ottobre pattern sheet

The patterns come on several sheets folded in the middle of the magazine.  It can be a little intimidating the first time you trace a pattern off but it becomes easier with practice (I promise!).  The patterns do not include seam allowances.  Each design has a little blurb at the beginning of the instructions that lets you know where not to add seam allowances.  Typically, binding pattern pieces and the edge that will have binding do not need seam allowances.


My 2 younger girls chose design #16 which is a slim fitting raglan sleeve top and #30 which is a knit skirt with a wide rib knit waistband.  I used cotton jersey that was purchased from Hobby Lobby about 3 years ago.  The binding is a brown cotton/lycra rib knit from Jo-ann Fabrics.

I traced off a size 110 which is the smallest these 2 patterns came in.  The skirt is short and worn over leggings in the magazine so I used the 134 length hoping that would be long enough to avoid needing shorts or leggings.

Often times, Ottobre Design will have you gather using clear elastic.  The skirt and the top’s sleeve edges are both gathered using this technique.  I apply the clear elastic to the right side of the fabric and use a 3-step zigzag to stitch it on.

gathering with clear elastic

The clear elastic is then covered with binding or in the skirt’s case the rib knit waistband.


The outfit is a hit with both girls!


BK is wearing a pair of Ottobre Design leggings that I sewed for her oldest sister in 2009 under the skirt.



I do feel like the skirt is still too short to be worn with out leggings or a pair of shorts underneath (especially on my 7 year old) even though I added additional length.  Next time, I’ll add at least 2 extra inches. Overall, both patterns were straight forward to sew.  Ottobre Design has a little bit of a learning curve to it as there are not step-by-step illustrations but once you are accustomed to their instructions there’s no limit to what you can sew! 

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