Fabric Survey

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I don’t know about you, but I’m forever wishing I could have input on some of the fabrics I see in the stores. The fabric design process is a long one, and companies invest a lot of time and money in their exclusive patternings. But, you can now have some input in that process, at least for one major company and for a limited time (until September 30th). Plus, you could win one of ten $50 Visa gift cards for sharing your thoughts.

The short survey is available on the Sewing & Craft Alliance site, www.sewing.org — or just click on the right hand note that says “Take the survey” and tell them about your sewing habits. You can be shaping the design of some future fabrics–how fun is that?

Personally, I love to take surveys like this, but I’m forever trying to figure out why they’re asking certain things or what answer they’re looking for. I think that’s a carry-over from my college test-taking days. But, this one has no right or wrong answers–the company simply wants your input. So, let them know your thoughts and start planning what you’ll buy if you win one of those gift cards! Hmmm….