Stuffing Trick: Making Pillows Without Lumps

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I love making pillows, but it seems that for some reason they always look lumpy when I stuff them with fiberfill. Is there a trick to smoother surfaces?

The trick decorators use is to back the outer pillow fabric with lightweight batting to create a continuous smooth surface. The stuffing goes inside the batting and no lumps are visible on the outside.

If you prefer, make a separate inner pillow from the lightweight batting and stuff it firmly before inserting it into the outer pillow. This allows the outer shell to be removed and either cleaned or washed if needed.

When you’re stuffing a pillow insert, try to blend together the handfuls of stuffing rather than leaving them as separate clumps. You’ll have smoother look to the finished item.

SEW-lutions Tip: See SEW-lutions Guideline #8.120 for more information on creating pillows.