Sewing Tool Carrier

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I don’t know about you, but I occasionally take sewing classes and must carry seemingly all my worldly possessions to the class, because heaven forbid that I need something I have one of at home. Getting things to class is sometimes a challenge, but I recently found a great little “wallet” that takes care of the small stuff nicely.

The wallet is designed by Barbara Weiland, whose name you may recognize as a noted sewing author and editor. Her pattern company, Jo-Lydia’s Attic, offers three new totes and this favorite Sewer’s Wallet is one of them. Not only is it handy to corral small tools, but it’s also great for traveling, as the pockets are sized perfectly for a passport, boarding pass and a little currency. The neck strap keeps it safe, even if you’re sound asleep on the plane.

These little wallets make great gifts for sewing (and traveling) friends as well, and you can make them with scraps from your stash. I made one from nylon outerwear fabric for a friend that skis, and another in a cute animal print for my vet to hold her pen and prescription pad, and a couple of dog treats!

Homemade gifts are so fun to do this time of year, but I actually like to start early in the year to avoid the holiday crunch, so in just a few weeks I’ll be doing some planning for gift-sewing ’09!