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“Sew For the FUN of it!” is this year’s theme for National Sewing Month. Are you a fortunate one who already knows how to sew? Did you grow up with sewing mentors? Have you taught the skill to someone else, maybe a child or grandchild? What about children in the neighborhood or your local community where the art of sewing has skipped a generation? Have you considered reaching out to them?

The majority of public schools have removed home economics from their curriculum. Many students across this great nation no longer have access to formal sewing instruction. Rural areas usually have county extension programs or 4-H organizations, etc., that may provide sewing classes, but leaves the inner city’s children without opportunities. Where are today’s children going to learn how to sew and become the next generation of sewists? Who will teach them?

You can!

Young people enjoy the discovery of creating and doing things for themselves. At a young age, everything is a learning experience. Words cannot express the FUN one finds in sharing the craft with young people wanting to learn how to sew! It is FUN watching their expressions as a project comes together. The giving of self through passing on the knowledge, and sharing the experience of sewing for the fun of it, is simply priceless.

“Sew For the FUN of it!” and teach a child how to sew!


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About Lanetta

She started her blog to share her journey of building Lanetta’s Creations into a viable business, rather than a simple hobby of passions. She also wanted a place to offer an array of sewing tips and suggestions, instructions to create simple sewing projects, and links to others she has found informative. At times she writes about what inspires her to create for the women of all ages who grace our lives.