Free sewing help with the SEW-lutions Guidelines

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Did you realize that there’s actually free help for lots of your sewing questions right here on the web site? It’s like getting a complete sewing book for free, and what’s better than that?

The Sewing & Craft Alliance uploads two new Guidelines each month. These are one or two page references that are specific to a sewing topic. The information covers everything from sewing home decor items to pattern changes, tailoring techniques, alterations, fabric information, seam finishes, sewing health, fitting, hand stitches and much more. The SEW-lutions Guidelines are free to you and if you put them in a notebook, you’ll have a sewing book for free! Currently, there are almost 100 topics written by the industry’s experts.

Where is this wealth of information? Simply visit the SEW-lutions Guidelines page to access your own virtual library. If you’re a teacher, feel free to share them with students, as they can be reproduced for that purpose (but never sold – make sure to read the copyright information at the bottom of the page).

If there are topics you’d like to see covered, let us know and there could be a Guideline in the future to answer your specific need. Just check back around the first of each month to see the new topics or join the mailing list to receive the monthly update via email.