New Sewing Challenges

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Most of us like to try new patterns, new fabrics and new stitches. But, sometimes we get into unfamiliar territory and have to ask for help. That’s what networking with sewing friends is all about–sharing and learning from each other. I’ve gotten some sewing questions lately that I think I can help with.

How do I tame a tassel that’s gone wild and sticks out all over? The easierst way to conquer an out-of-control tassel is to lightly spritz it with water and wrap something around it to hold all the strands in place until they dry. I usually use a piece of painter’s tape–the blue tape that won’t harm things it comes in contact with. When the tassel is dry, gently peel off the tape and voila! It’s kind of like having a bad hair day to begin with.

How do I machine embroider on tulle to make lace? Use water-soluble stabilizer and sandwich the tulle between two layers before hooping. Embroider your design using a small size needle, then rinse away the stabilizer following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want the design to be freestanding, carefully trim the tulle around the motif. Rinse thoroughly for a soft motif, or for a stiffer look–like for lace ornaments, leave some of the stabilizer in the fabric.

How can I make my favorite patterns more permanent? I have several patterns I simply love to make over and over, especially my favorite tote patterns. I purchased inexpensive interfacing and transferred the pattern pieces to it. The pieces fold flat and don’t rip or tear like the original pattern tissue, plus I can press it if it gets wrinkled.

Next time you run into a sewing problem, call or e-mail a sewing buddy–chances are they might know the answer to your question, and you can do the same for them sometime. Aren’t sewers wonderful?