Sewing with metal, wood, paper, screen and more

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Most of us are content to simply sew fabric–whether wool or cotton, silk or linen. But, oh no, some of us like to go beyond the bounds of normal and stitch other things as well. Do you?

Today I made a market shopping bag from a 40lb. Tyvek dog food bag. My husband thought I was crazy for saving the bags from our three pooches’ vittles, but I had secret ambitions for the oversized packages bedecked with cute dog faces.

So, I found a favorite tote pattern (giant size!) and set to work. Stitching was no problem, as I used a small needle and a slight zigzag so as not to tear the material, which I found to be incredibly strong. Webbing handles made the perfect accent to provide sturdy carrying capabilities for trips to the farmer’s market and a load of fresh veggies.

In addition to this latest venture, I’ve also sewn on wood, metal, paper, screen and a host of other questionable media. Why? Because you can, and with caution there will be no harm to you or your machine. So, don’t let these haunting thoughts keep you from trying something new.

Think outside the box to add to your sewing fun! Choose the correct needle for the job, and perhaps slow the machine’s sewing speed if the material of your desires is a bit unusual. After all, sewing is meant to be fun, so try something you’ve never sewn on before, and you could be pleasantly surprised. Since our dogs eat lots of food, I’ve begun picking the flavors by how cute the dog is on the package…hmmm, another bag or two on the way, and perhaps some presents for dog-loving friends.