Sewing Jewelry

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With the thoughts of turkey waning, and the Black Friday melee over, we’re now on the hunt for the perfect gifts for friends and family. I have several friends I like to remember with something that has a sewing-related theme to it. Over the years I’ve made small gifts from fabrics showcasing spools, zippers and funky sewing girls, and I still have many of those remnants in my stash, but this year I’m on the hunt for some sewing-related jewelry. So, whether it’s for a best-friend sewing buddy, or for a secret sister at your guild neighborhood group, here are some ideas to check out.

Pure Whimsy Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins from Pure Whimsy

Pure Whimsy has a some fun pins–from zippers, scissors and thimble shapes to dress forms with dangling charms. There’s also a crafter’s version if you have friends or family that don’t sew, but are craft mavens.

Hand and Hammer has one of my all-time favorite pieces of sewing jewelry–a sterling silver bracelet that boasts “My Stash is Bigger than Your Stash.” It’s hidden on the site under knitting jewelry, so click on the link to access it directly.

Thimbles, Etc.

Thimbles, Etc. offers some heirloom pieces including custom thimbles, silver thimble cages and heirloom chatelaines. The latter comes as a kit–in case you run out of time, you’re clever friend can construct their own! One of my favorites from this site is a button bracelet kit that you can embellish with buttons from your collection. Perhaps those buttons tell a story, or they’re simply fun leftovers from other projects.

Note: While you’re visiting these sites, perhaps you want to put something on your own holiday list, or e-mail your significant other with a link to a gift you’d love to have. It doesn’t hurt to leave detailed hints, I’ve found.