Convert a Sweatshirt into a Cardigan Jacket

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Many of us like to wear sweatshirts–they’re comfy and cozy for winter days at home. It’s easy to convert a sweatshirt to a cardigan and use it as a basic canvas for embellishing. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the center front of the shirt by matching the “side seams”. Many sweatshirts are knitted in a circle so they don’t really have side seams, but approximate based on the underarm sleeve placement. Mark the center front along the enter length of the shirt.
  2. Before cutting on the line, reinforce on each side it with stitching 1/8″ away from the marking.
  3. Cut between the sewn lines to open up the sweatshirt.
  4. Embellish it as desired, then bind the front edges to finish. If you’re making a button and buttonhole closure, add a narrow fabric facing or grosgrain ribbon behind the opening to prevent stretching.
  5. If you want to trim the ribbing off the neck or lower edge, follow a similar process of stitching first to prevent stretching, then cutting next to the stitching. Bind edges to finish.