Sewing Over Pins

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I hear conflicting things about sewing over pins–can I or can’t I?

Some sewing machines tout that they can sew over pins, but anytime you try to sew over any “foreign” object, you’re risking damage to the needle and perhaps the machine itself. Most of today’s machines can sew over pins, but it’s not really a good idea to do so. If you hit the pin, you can break the needle sending sharp metal flying into you and/or the machine. Or, you can damage the needle creating a burr on it that you might not notice, and it can snag and damage your fabric as you continue to sew.

If you’re intent on sewing over pins, be sure to place them at right angles to the seam allowance and sew slowly as you approach them. A better option is to sew up to the pin, then pull it out and continue on.