Racks for storing spools of thread

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Where can I find the wall mounted thread storage racks seen in the My Sewing and Craft Room photos?

This question comes up quite often so we thought we’d share some storage options. The Mega Rack II provides for substantial storage. This wooden rack holds up to 120 spools and can be free standing or wall mounted.

The Cone Thread Rack has a 33-cone capacity that can lay flat or be hung on the wall. If it’s hung on the wall, the thread can be fed directly into your machine from the rack.

If you’re looking for something more decorative, the Sewing Machine Spool Rack has a sewing machine motif. This rack will keep 23 spools organized and at your fingertips.

Now there’s no excuse not to be organized!

Janice Blasko, Sewing & Craft Alliance