Stitch a Rolled Hem Using a Sewing Machine or Serger

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How do I make a narrow rolled hem using my serger?

When using a serger, consult your owner’s manual for the setting changes needed for rolled hemming. You’ll be changing the stitch length and also the width of the stitch to produce a close satin stitch-look that encases the raw edges of the fabric as the serger stitches and trims. You can vary the width to produce an extremely narrow overcast edge, or a wider one, depending on the look you like. The key is that the stitch length is close enough together to roll the raw edges under and to cover them so no fabric thread pokies are visible. Woolly nylon or woolly polyester thread is great for a solid looking rolled hem as the texture of the thread fills in any open spaces.

How do I make a rolled hem on my conventional machine?

If your machine has a rolled hem foot, you’ll notice a scroll configuration that rolls the fabric edge under. Thread the fabric edge into the folder and stitch with a straight stitch or zigzag to secure the roll under. To mimic the look of a serger rolled edge, set the machine for a satin stitch (close zigzag)and sew over the folded edge. Rayon machine embroidery thread creates a lovely, shiny rolled edge finish, though most any thread can be used successfully for this purpose. Variegated threads create an interesting hem finish as well–often stripes, depending on the thread color sequencing.