What is a sewing lounge?

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A sewing lounge is a relatively recent term for our industry and it refers to a place where you can go to sew with others. There may be people there to help you, there may be sewing machines and sergers available for use (either free or for a small fee), and sometimes there are regularly scheduled classes with an instructor. Generally the sewing lounge acts as a gathering place for friends, and sometimes there’s an on-site coffee or tea bar, bakery or other treat options. Many lounges also include knitters or other needleworkers in the group as well. Some lounges sell sewing products, books and/or handmade items on consignment.

Visiting a sewing lounge can also give you the opportunity to try out some new machines, as sometimes the latest and greatest machines are on loan from a local dealer.

Some sewing lounges require a small membership fee to help maintain the facility and pay the space rent; others are free and supported by a local sewing guild or sewing machine dealer.

Lounges are a great place to sew socially and learn from others attending, even if no regular classes are offered. Remember, most lounges are staffed by volunteers so do you part to help. To see if there’s one in your area, do an online search.